To inspire, encourage and connect mums writing poetry.

Here at The Mum Poem Press we’re passionate about encouraging mums to give writing poetry a go. We’ll be posting interviews with amazing mums who have already published poetry and a series of articles called “Reasons I Write” by members of our Mum Poet Club. All with the aim of inspiring you to write and share poems of your own.

The joy of zine-making

“There is no right or wrong in zine making, so let your mind run free.”

UK-based zine collective De_ziners explain what is unique about zines and why you should make one too.

The Rallying Cry

Guest blog: Suzie Jay Goldsmith on creative self-care

Suzie Jay Goldsmith is parenting after loss. She’s a photographer, writer and mum to her three year old daughter, Jasmine. After struggling to cope with the demands of motherhood following her second TFMR (termination for medical reasons), Suzie turned to creative self-care to help her process her grief.


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