The Mum Poet Club Guide to Self-Care

The Mum Poem Press

The Mum Poem Press is a poetry publishing venture focusing on work that explores all aspects of motherhood.

We support and connect mums who write, or would like to try writing, poetry through our Mum Poet Club; encouraging parents to write as a way to express, process and share experiences.

We publish a quarterly zine featuring poems written by members of The Mum Poet Club and host a regular open mic night and other events.

Everyone is welcome and you don’t need any previous experience to join our free and friendly writing community. Join the Mum Poet Club now.

In May 2021, we will publish our first full length anthology of poetry about motherhood written by a mixture of published and previously unpublished poets. Profits from sales of the anthology will be donated to a maternal mental health charity.

We are currently hosting a Valentines Day Zine Swap, where we are asking you to make your own zine, send it to us and we’ll post you a copy of every zine we receive for Valentines Day. Your zine doesn’t have to be poetry or about motherhood and you don’t have to be a mum to take part.

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Illustration by Ellamae Statham

It sounds dramatic but I genuinely believe that poetry and writing saved me from the temporary madness of early motherhood. I wrote myself out of it.

Karen McMillian

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