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Here you'll find resources that might help you with your writing. 

How to Publish your Poetry: Workshop with Gita Raleigh

You can watch a recording of the workshop on our YouTube Channel here:

And here are is a list of resources that Gita put together for the session:

Mum Poem Press Resources

‘Killing the Angel In The House by Virginia Woolf

More about Muriel Rukseyer


The Poetry School

Their courses are really good with fully remote options. There are also concessions.

 Arvon Foundation

Expensive-but there are concessions for teachers and more affordable remote courses.

Doing it yourself:

Young Poets Network

This runs challenges for poets under 25 but they are also excellent writing prompts for anyone stuck for inspiration. They also have a really good glossary of all those baffling poetry terms


A limited selection-but all free!

Future Learn

As above

Poetry Foundation

One of the main poetry organisations in the USA. Literally hundreds of poems and articles available for free!

This is their excellent  collection of poems and essays on motherhood

American Academy of Poets

As above. They will also email you a ‘poem a day’ if you sign up.

National Poetry Library

You can join for free and borrow e-books to download on your device

Revising your work:


The Slowdown

Very short episodes, a great selection of poems -and the host has a lovely soothing voice!

The Poetry Exchange

Ordinary people, talking about a poem that has been a friend to them:

Where to submit:

Poets Directory (Colin Bancroft)

 Robin Houghton 

Gita's favourite poems on motherhood

Carmen Giminez Smith ‘The Daughter”

 Rita Dove Persephone, Falling

 Sylvia Plath ‘You’re’

Frequently Asked Questions #7 Camille T Dungy

Sonnet for the Unborn Child Sarala Estruch

 Pelvic Ultrasound Anne Barngrover

Moon Milk is a lovely pamphlet of poems on motherhood by Rachel Bower available from Valley Press.

You can read two poems here:

 Gita Ralleigh

@storyvilled on Twitter