Katherine Perry

Katharine Perry – Founder and Editor

Katharine writes poetry, mainly about her experiences of motherhood. She founded The Mum Poem Press in July 2020 to connect, support and encourage other mums doing the same.

Her poetry has been published in various journals and zines and is featured in the anthology ‘Night Feeds and Morning Songs’ by Ana Sampson published by Orion in March 2021.

She has a 3-year-old daughter, a 1-year-old son and is a qualified lawyer who works for a television production company.

At the Mum Poem Press Katharine has produced and edited 3 issues of the Mum Poet Club zine, and our anthology of over 100 poems on motherhood ‘Songs of Love and Strength’ which will be published in May 2021.


Emma Dakeyne

Emma Dakeyne – Art Director

Emma is a published poet and Head of Design for three international art fairs showing in 15 cities worldwide; including London, Basel, New York and Hong Kong. She also curates the6ress zine – publishing collections of creative curios twice a year.

She lives in Bristol with her 18-month-old daughter, Avalon and husband, Neil.

At Mum Poem Press, Emma delights in herding illustrators, buttering-up printers and typesetting the brilliant and beautiful poetry of the Mum Poet Club.


Julie Williams

Julie Williams – Associate Editor

Julie studied Literature at Cambridge, winning the Hart Prize, before working in publishing at Thames and Hudson. She moved into a career in media production and is now a Senior Producer at a large London-based media group.

She has a 3-year-old daughter and a baby son and is a passionate poetry lover. Julie has edited the mum poet club zine and our upcoming anthology ‘Songs of Love and Strength’.


Emily Way-Evan

Emily Way-Evans – Associate Editor

Emily discovered a love of poetry and writing during maternity leave with her second baby. Whilst experiencing a difficult period of post-natal depression she took part in the Mothership Writers classes and discovered a therapeutic outlet in expressing herself through writing.

Her piece from the Mothership Writers anthology ‘Dispatches Of New Motherhood’ was published in Lionheart Magazine and the Riptide Journal, and her poetry has been featured in various online journals and poetry zines.

Following a career in events and many happy years working at Glastonbury Festival, she now freelances as a part-time production accountant, in between being a mother to her two children, and of course writing whenever she has the chance.