‘Where Hope Comes From’ by Nikita Gill – Mum Poet Club Recommended Reading

The Mum Poet Club’s March recommended reading is ‘Where Hope Comes From’ by Nikita Gill and has been selected and reviewed by Ali McIndoe (@mindfulmidlandsmama).

‘Where Hope Comes From’ contains many heart-warming poems that I want my friends to have on their fridges to see on a particularly tough day. In fact, since first reading the book yesterday I have already sent a girlfriend ‘How to be Strong’ and ‘Catching the Light’.

We don’t always have the right words for ourselves when in darkness, or crippled with grief, but to read Nikita’s words really would shine a light. And help us.

Taking us through the life cycle of a star (black hole of despair to nebula rebirth), and wonderfully illustrated by herself, Nikita has created a beautiful collection of poems.

They make you believe in your inner strength and, as we learnt most keenly through 2020, they remind us that kindness and compassion are immense forces of light.

The ‘Daily Mantra’ series talk directly to you and are both life-affirming and self-love affirming.

If I had another depressive episode I truly believe that these words would help lift me through the darkness and fill my heart.

Other poems are firmly rooted in pandemic living to which we can all relate. Banana bread, self-isolation and the daily walks are among Nikita’s observations. Experiences that were common occurring even when we were all locked down separately; reiterating that we are never alone.

One of my favourite poems is ‘Reasons to Live through the Apocalypse’. The stream of conscious style details many life-full moments. It begins with ‘Sunrises’ and ends with ‘Poetry’. A poem that is top and tailed with two of my absolute favourite things? Delicious 😋

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